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“You dey bab?”

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Art gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight

to the imagination, and charm to life and to everything.

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Let's Shoot You Pretty!

Let's shoot you pretty alone, with your family, your squad or even your pet just because they are BAE....Or do you have any products? Come on over and let's professionally shoot your products because packaging, appearance is everything to the buyer.


Join our Talent Pool

Privateline Studios has created the perfect fertile environment for talent development. Can you ACT, SING, DANCE, WRITE, PRESENT, MC,? or Are you a Photographer, Video Editor, Sound Technician or do you do anything in multimedia?

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Be our Guest or Audience

Privateline Studios is cooking some amazing, intriguing, mind blowing content for business, film, entertainment and tv in general. To be a guest on any of the shows or an audience, send us your contact details and what interests you.

Meet Our Pack

“On our own, we are dried cassava flakes and stale

groundnuts, but together we become something

delicious - 'soakings'.”


Trait: Cavemen

Made up of 5 brilliant weird dreamers, the creative department works together to put our ideas into exciting format for production. Content creation is a breeze with them.


Trait: Loud

Easily the herd in the office, this group of amazing hardworking men and women are the backbone of Privateline Studios. Made up of photo and video graphers, editors, sound technicians, etc they bring our work alive and we wont trade them for anything in the world ... well maybe for jollof


Trait: Sweet Talkers

Marketing is by far the most serious and corporate department at Privateline Studios. Always in their suit and tie sweet talking their way out of everything and bringing in the doh too. Currently the fine men who make up this department are all single ... just saying.


Trait: Over Serious

The great economists of our time can all be found here at Privateline Studios. This department boosts of the most serious looking and behaving accountants and financial analysts ever. Seriously! And they can smell money a mile away like guard dogs. They know every trick in the book so nothing by passes them. ah!